RuBaRu - Fully OnChain Content Creator-Consumer Economy!

Helping Creators & Consumers build Decentralized Autonomous Ecosystem powered by #DeAI!

What is RuBaRu?

RuBaRu, a.k.a "Face-to-Face"

RuBaRu aims to create, a Mobile-First Fully On-Chain DAO-based Tokenized Economy owned & governed by the community, where creators, influencers, consumers, and brands coexist harmoniously. By doing so, we unlock new opportunities, reshape digital creativity, drive economic growth, and foster a thriving ecosystem of shared prosperity.

Our innovative solution also extends its benefits to content consumers. By engaging with sponsored content, they become active participants in a regenerative creator-consumer economy, sharing in the generated revenue. RuBaRu goes beyond being just a platform. It is a Social-Fi revolution!

The Essential Foundations of RuBaRu Aim to:

Empower Creators with On-Chain Content Sharing

RuBaRu's On-Chain Scalable mini-CDN for effortless content(video/images/audio etc) storage & streaming, accessible via URL.

Immortalize the Creator's Profile & Ensure Transparent Reputation Management

Decentralizing moderation eliminates closed-door decision-making based on individual interests.

Fair & Trustless Incentive distribution

RuBaRu's Creator-Consumer Incentivization Program (CCIP) not only enables both budding and professional creators to earn incentives from day one, but it also allows consumers to earn when they interact with sponsored content and engage on the platform.

NFT Gated Premium Content

Tools for direct monetisation of premium content via Smart Contract Gating.

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Our Incredible Crew

Tushar Gupta

Founder/Serial Tech Entrepreneur 17+ years in Software Industry

Raj Kumar

Sr. Technical Architect 17+ years in Product Design & Development

Sarvesh Tripathi

Sr. Motoko & Blockchain Specialist 2+ years of Blockchain Dev Experience

Ashutosh Yadav

Community Engagement Manager


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Fully On-Chain Tokenized Creator-Consumer Economy?

    A fully on-chain tokenized consumer economy involves conducting and recording all transactions, assets(code, database, images, videos & audio), and interactions on a blockchain.

  • Blockchain empowers the community by decentralizing control, allowing collective participation in governance. This fosters transparency, inclusivity, and a sense of ownership among community members in the tokenized consumer economy.

  • RuBaRu Tokens will be pivotal, symbolizing value, incentivizing participants, representing ownership and governance. The goal is to empower the community, provide content creators with ownership rights, and enhance transparency and efficiency in economic activities through the use of blockchain technology.

  • Creators gain ownership through tokens, and their uploaded content becomes Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on the blockchain. This dual-token system uniquely establishes and secures ownership rights for creators in the decentralized ecosystem.

  • RuBaRu extends its benefits to content consumers too. By engaging with sponsored content, they become active participants in a regenerative Creator-Consumer Economy, sharing in the generated revenue.

  • Trust in a decentralized creator-consumer economy is maintained through the transparent and secure blockchain ledger, automated smart contracts, and community-driven governance. These elements collectively ensure reliability and accountability in the ecosystem.

  • Governance in a decentralized Creator-Consumer economy will be facilitated through a community-driven model, primarily by establishing a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Using blockchain technology, participants collaboratively engage in transparent decision-making processes, with automated smart contracts enforcing predefined rules to ensure fairness and efficiency. This DAO-driven decentralized governance approach aims to empower the community, fostering a strong sense of ownership and accountability among creators and consumers within the ecosystem.

  • Certainly, like any groundbreaking initiative, our decentralized Creator-Consumer model does present challenges. As we navigate the landscape of decentralized Creator-Consumer economy, regulatory challenges and the delicate balance between decentralization and governance stand out. However, our prime focus on ensuring the platform's self-sustainability through an innovative revenue model will be a unique strength. We are actively exploring revenue streams that not only support the ecosystem but also contribute to its growth and resilience. Addressing these challenges with strategic solutions is pivotal to achieving our vision of a thriving, self-sustaining decentralized platform.

  • Currently, individuals can participate in the on-chain tokenized economy by engaging on the platform, being a content creator, being active community member, and promoting adoption. After the Token Generation Event (TGE) and once we establish the DAO, individuals can acquire tokens, participate in governance, stake or delegate tokens, and develop or contribute to DApps through bounties, etc.

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